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Eggs and their usage~ 21st century style

September 9, 2009 by Zeckster

Egg…. Contains high protein which makes it the perfect yet reasonable meal to be consume by anyone.
But now artists have found the new way of using eggs as their main subject of art pieces. Why said so? Have a look on the pictures below. ^-^
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ATT836626 ATT836627 ATT836628 ATT836629 ATT836630 ATT836631 ATT836632 ATT836633 ATT836634 ATT836617 ATT836618 ATT836619 ATT836620 ATT836621 ATT836622 ATT836623 ATT836624 ATT836625
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I know some of you is going through some hard times on assignments and exams. Wish you guys lucks on whatever things you’re going through right now and I hope these cute little eggies cartoons are able to cheer you up a lil’. ^-^
Have A Nice Day~!!!

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wen pink said...

LOL cute eggssss!!! suddenly i feel like whacking u on ur head like how one of the eggs got whacked :P