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Eggs and their usage~ 21st century style

September 9, 2009 by Zeckster

Egg…. Contains high protein which makes it the perfect yet reasonable meal to be consume by anyone.
But now artists have found the new way of using eggs as their main subject of art pieces. Why said so? Have a look on the pictures below. ^-^
ATT836616 ATT836615
ATT836626 ATT836627 ATT836628 ATT836629 ATT836630 ATT836631 ATT836632 ATT836633 ATT836634 ATT836617 ATT836618 ATT836619 ATT836620 ATT836621 ATT836622 ATT836623 ATT836624 ATT836625
click to enlarge
I know some of you is going through some hard times on assignments and exams. Wish you guys lucks on whatever things you’re going through right now and I hope these cute little eggies cartoons are able to cheer you up a lil’. ^-^
Have A Nice Day~!!!

Avatar (2009) 3D preview ; Dengkil Chicken Rice

August 23, 2009 by Zeckster

Thanks for Zues invitation for giving me the tickets to join him for the Avatar(2009) trailer. It took place at GSC MidValley. And please it’s in the morning. Can you imagine getting up early in the morning for a cinema session? *Crazy*

Back to the topic. I was first thinking that Avatar is this:avatar_last_airbender

But the Avatar I watched was this:

Right after the trailer screening, Zues asked me: Dude, I thought the Avatar you mentioned was the BOTAK kid with a handful of martial arts right? But why the main character is a blue-ish half human orang asli? My reply was “ I don't know ”.

Damn blur that time.xD I think we made a mistake on the preview.

OH ya! The trailer was in 3-D version where we have to wear special eyewear to watch it. Feel yourself standing in the middle of an army fight while you’re just sitting on a cinema cushion chair. Pretty cool huh? Catch this movie in cinema on 17th of December 2009. Experience the adventurous sci-fi story written by James Cameron, director of “Titanic”.


Adele, Carlson(if I'm not mistaken), Tzia




Me and Obc


3D spec-s take us to the next generation of movie experience


OMG since when you get in here?!


Jessica with Tzia


For more information on this 3D movie, kindly visit here, the official homepage.

Dengkil chicken rice with Adele and Tzia. On the way from Adele’s house to Dengkil, both of them was like: Zues where are you bringing us? Wanna jual us to where oh?

Well we reached there safely though. And please look at the time we reached.


5.35 am


Cheers for chicken rice


Arhhhhhh Gai Fan ah!!!!
Zues: Aiya what's the big deal? I'm a regular customer k.


Group Pics

Time to go home and Zzzzzz

Next time I shall include a map for you guys who's interested of going Dengkil chicken rice.
See ya'll peeps~

Orphan Screening Thanks to Nuffnang™

August 19, 2009 by Zeckster

Orphan screening at GSC MidValley. The plot? Read it here. I don't want to leak too much of the plot. It's for you to go to the cinema and experience it with your own eyes. What will you expect from a 18PL movie? Sound effect? Bloody sceneries? Well the movie Orphan has both of them and and and the storyline is amazing!!!!
What are you waiting for?!
Catch this movie in the nearest TGV and GSC cinema around you.
Feel the horror of 9-years old girl, Esther

Collecting tickets. I'm little hunch backy. Right? xD


Let me give you kiss Esther. *muacks*
You're so cute.
(swear I won't do this again after the movie. xD)


Well we get this fabulous T-shirt for queuing early. ^-^

Me, JackieLoi, Zues
Tian Chad and Wen Pink

Here's some pics from the movie for you to quench your thirst:


Can You Keep A Secret?

Rating: 9/10

p/s: A recommendation from me, don't any shits about this movie before you heading to cinema.
Make this movie suspenseful

Midterm Break

August 6, 2009 by Zeckster

"Im gonna spend this precious one week to get all my midterm test study done."

These words came from a mouth of a MotherEarth moron.
It's ME!!

Arghhh. I ruined my whole week break, spending some unworthy time on FaceBook™, games and outing. My plan was to prepare 80% for my midterm but now I don't think I even reach 50%. GOD damn IT! But I did do something that creates the "New World Record" of mine, I went to cinema 4 times in 3days continuous. Woo~ Kinda feel good though. ^0^ Although my wallet is bleeding but I have no regrets. These movies I watched is totally astonishing!

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
This was the first one I watched.
Guys should have a real look on this movie
It teaches you skills of a lifetime.
But you have to pay for the price though.
You'll understand what I say after this movie.

RATING: 8/10


Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen
Well I don't think I need to talk much about this movie right here.
Cool Autobots and Megan is Hawt~
What can I say.

RATING: 10/10


G.I. Joe: Rise Of The Cobra
Personally think that this movie is a cracker.
Amazing motion graphic and sound effect.
It's really worth for a watch in cinema.

RATING: 9/10


On His Majesty's Secret Service
This Cantonese comedy is really full of laughter.
Seriously you can find your friend who like to laugh for this movie.
But one thing about this movie:
It makes you laugh at the early part, makes you sleeps at the later part.
To watch it or not? Up to you.

RATING: 6/10


Signed off
hour 2318


August 2, 2009 by Zeckster

我坐在咖啡店 落地窗的前面
雨水灑滿整條街 和人們的臉
鋼琴的黑白鍵 搭配過的和絃
我們的愛情 什麼和絃
給我藉口 讓我這次能夠徹底的放手
讓我走 別讓我 更痛苦的過
I’ll always always love you so
你表情好憔悴 強顏歡笑的臉
你那哭紅的雙眼 讓我好心碎
我願意 讓你飛 不再對你留戀

別讓我成為 你的側臉
給我藉口 讓我這次能夠徹底的放手
讓我走 別讓我 更痛苦的過
I’ll always always love you so
傷的更重 傷的更重
別回頭 答應我 你會好好過
I’ll always always love you
love you so


Nuffnang™ is iLL??

July 28, 2009 by Zeckster

Hmm.. I don't really know what happen to Nuffnang™ homepage.
This morning when I woke up, for my daily routine I will check on Nuffnang™ homepage.
But my browser kept on displaying this cPanel® thingy to me. Any other blogger out there is having the same problem that I do?
I need some assistance here.